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Thursday, August 25, 2011


25 AUG 2011 - Thinking about going to college this fall? We don’t have a deadline at UC Clermont, but you are virtually out of time to ‘get in’ if you don’t move now.
Bottom line = you can apply anytime to start and can start any term you want: autumn term on Sept 21, winter term on Jan 3 or spring term on March 26. Does it matter when you apply? Yes and no. If you are paying out-of-pocket, then you can sign-up virtually minutes before the next term begins … but that isn’t a good idea for a number of reasons, the biggest one being that your choice of classes available or ‘open’ with an available seat may not include anything you actually want or need to take in your major. Online class options are typically the first to fill up, so timing is everything in those cases. Evening classes are typically the last to fill up, but many of these will be ‘closed’ weeks if not months before each term begins.
If you want or need financial aid to help pay your tuition bill, then you need to complete the FAFSA at at least 1 month before the term begins. What if you don’t? The biggest issue is that your $$$ may not ‘come in’ until after the term begins, which will result in late fees when your UC bill is not paid and you won’t have $$$ to buy the books needed for your classes …. so, be prepared to spend a lot of time in our library or just pay for the books out of your funds until your financial aid comes in. UC won’t kick you out of your classes if you bill isn’t paid, but again, you will incur late fees and that is a terrible waste of your money that should be avoided.
Don’t have time to ‘get it together’ before September 21? Just take time NOW to apply now and get your transcripts turned in and we’ll get you started on January 3.
Want to know more about us first? Please come to campus weekly on either Wednesday @ 1 p.m. of Friday @ 10 a.m. for an information session and tour of campus. We’ll cover everything you need to know! No appointment is needed (closed on holidays: Veteran’s Day and the Friday after Thanksgiving). Here are directions to campus: Please come to Student Services 100 for these weekly sessions.
Need a 1-on-1 appointment? Call to schedule an appointment with me at 513 732 5319.
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