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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Trippin in Adams County

I enjoyed a day full of college visits in Adams County, Ohio yesterday. The day started at North Adams High School, continued at Peebles High School and ended at West Union High School. I'll be back in Adams County at Manchester High School in a few weeks.

From a recruiting point of view, it is really nice how the schedule is set up to allow 3 visits in the same day. The other thing that I really like about going to Adams County is that each school holds a 'Senior Seminar' class where I get to make my presentation to the entire Senior class. That isn't the way most schools handle college visits, but it seems to me to be a very effective way to promote continuing education WHILE coaching high school students on everything from the application process to financial aid and specific college info. Personally, I wish ever school did it this way. Not just because I would see every student, though that would be nice, but because every student needs this information.

The hardest part about visiting the 4 Adams County high schools is that each building has the same exact design. I may be wrong, but I thinjk that the roof color is the only way to tell them apart. Each school has a large round general purpose room and each school uses this room for their Senior Seminar class. Why is this an issue? Because I sometimes forget which school I am addressing... and I don't want to reference the wrong mascot. Okay. it isn't a big issue, but it is funny like watching the movie 'Groundhog Day'. You just feel like you've already 'been there'.

Hats off to all our friends in Adams County. Thanks for making me feel welcome and for allowing me to tell you why UC Clermont is worth serious consideration.



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