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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

White Death approaching!

5 MAR 2013
As UC Clermont students finish mid-term exams and look forward to Spring Break from March 18-22, there is a buzz across campus not related to either concern.  The buzz is about the current weather forecast!
Local meteorologists and the National Weather Service are currently projecting that 3-6 inches of the frozen white stuff will be covering UC Clermont by noon tomorrow, with a much heavier band projected just a few miles to the North.  Being ‘on the edge’ of the heavy snow has students, staff and faculty thinking of the possibility of a 'snow day' off school or at least a delay.
Watch for announcements posted on  If UC closes, then UC Clermont will also be closed.  But it is possible that UC Clermont could be closed or on delay when UC’s Clifton campus is not.  Watch our website and local media under the heading of both ‘Clermont College’ and ‘University of Cincinnati.   
The easiest way to find out if we are closed is to sign up for emergency text messaging. Students should go to to do this.  Select "my information" then "my address" (you will need to log on). Once on the address page, you will see a link called "cell phone & text messaging." Click there and you can enter your contact information. Then, we'll tell you when we are closed!
Be careful out there!
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