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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Top 3 Things for New UC Clermont Students

13 AUG 2014

As the fall term draws near, here are the Top 3 Things new UC students should do:
1. Check your Tech! 
- UC Student Email is how we communicate with students, so you need to be looking at it every day or two or you'll miss something really important.
- Blackboard and UC's new Canopy Learning Environment link you to your professors and everything else you need.  Look at it!  Often.  Look!!!!
- Visit and review your schedule of classes, noting the building and room locations.  Check your bill to verify any/all scholarships and/or financial aid is showing as credits.  Make sure to waive UC Health Insurance if you alread have coverage, or you are throwing $$$ away.
2. Get involved!  Go to games.  Join clubs.  Volunteer on campus in The Learning Center as a Peer Tutor.  As a UC student you can check out the Bearcats, go to concerts or shows at CCM (UC's College Conservatory of Music), be in over 200 student groups as well as UC Clermont athletics and student groups.  The 'college experience' is much more than just going to class, so be a part of the action!
3. Take Care of Business!  Go to class.  Sit up front.  Ask questions.  Keep up on your reading and homework.  Chat with your professors after class or during their office hours.  Turn assignments in when they are due ... never late.  Review your materials and study hard.  Prepare yourself to be highly successful in life!
Thanks for choosing UC.  Let's make this the best school year ever!


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