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Friday, October 05, 2007

Q&A 101

Question #1: What are you going to do ___
(fill in the blank with 'when you grow up', or 'with your life', or 'after high school', or 'when you go to college', or something else.) It sends chills down my spine as I think back to when I was facing that question from my family and from myself. It isn't always easy to figure out.

If you are in the middle of this now, visit and click on 'choose a career'. You'll find a free assessment tool that will pick your brain and your heart to create a list of options that fit you. Very nice and very easy if you take the time to go to the website and do it.

Question #2: Which college is right for me?
That is also a tough one for many. It is important to spend time figuring out the answer to question #1 before answering question #2 or you could waste a lot of time an money at the wrong institution of higher learning. But once you have an idea or two about what you want to do you can then look to see which school(s) have the program that fits you.

FLASH: On Thursday, October 25 from 6 - 8 PM you can meet with representatives from 100 area colleges at the Clermont County Counselor Association College Fair. Even better, it is hosted at the Eastgate Mall, so you can shop for more than a college at the same time!

For more info and directions:

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