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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Big Money Now Available!

Time for my annual reminder that now is the best time to sign up for financial aid for NEXT school year.

Do you want money for college? YES
(I thought I'd answer that one for you)
Can you wait & do it later? YES.
Will it hurt you if you wait? YES!

Really? How can it hurt you? By waiting, you can reduce the amount of $$$ that you will receive. UC has extra cash we give out on a first come, first serve basis. What does that mean? If you do the FAFSA now, you will have the greatest chance of getting the most money possible for next school year.

BTW: NOW means now. Do the FAFSA in January or February. Wait until March and your chances to get extra cash are gone. Did you get that? Good.

The rule of thumb is, ‘when it’s tax time, it is FAFSA time’. FAFSA = Free Application for Federal Student Aid. This one form determine how much financial aid you get for the school year. Aid = GRANTS and LOANS (scholarships are not awarded from the FAFSA, so you have to fill out a separate application to be considered for that money). GRANTS = a money gift given to you to attend college. You don’t pay this back. Not everyone qualifies for these, but they sure are great to get! LOANS = a money loan given to you to attend college. You DO pay this back. Everyone is eligible to get a Stafford Student Loan. You don’t start paying a Stafford Loan back until you are out of school (hopefully with your degree) for 6 months. Payments get spread out over 10 years, so the monthly charge is fairly low.

How do you apply?
1. Go to and get a Personal Identification Number.
2. Go to and complete the FAFSA online. UC’s school code = 0031253. Submit your application (you’ll get a confirmation number which shows you have successfully submitted your application)
4. Follow Up: you’ll receive an Email to your SAR = Student Aid Report. If you don’t have Email, this will be sent to you via snail mail.* If you don’t hear or see anything after 3 weeks, go back to and select ‘check the status of submitted FAFSA’.
5. Go to and clicking on ‘check my aid’ to see what you get. At this site you will then 'accept' or 'decline' what is being offered to you. NOTE: don't ever decline a grant. Remember it is a gift. Use it and enjoy! If you have funds for school and don't want a loan, then don't accept it. No harm - no foul.

TOP PRIORITY: Fill out the FAFSA to see what you get and quit throwing away extra money!

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