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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Summertime and Orientation

Summertime. The season of fun, sun, and college orientation! Sure, there are still classes going on during the summer, but less than a third of the ‘regular’ number of students are attending courses over the summer. Many of these summer students are new to UC and simply here to take a class or two before heading to another college/university for the fall term. Some are getting a jump on ‘next year’, or taking pre-requisites that will allow them to begin a regular class sequence in the autumn, while others are required to attend to stay on-track in their major. Whatever the reason, it is always good to see students on campus. So welcome, one and all!

Next stop: Orientation! Every new student to UC, whether a GED or high school graduate, or even a transfer from another college/university, will be invited to attend. The word ‘invited’ sounds so optional, but that really isn’t in this case. All new students must attend Orientation before they will be allowed to register for classes. Don’t be bummed that you ‘have to’ do this. You will benefit from what you hear at orientation and you will become aware of all of the technology and student services offered to help you succeed at UC. Don’t fight it. Let the giant orientation current take you to a safe & beautiful college place.

So, when do you attend Orientation? We started sessions last week and will continue through July, August and into early September before the term begins on 9/24. The closer we get to classes starting, the harder it is to schedule classes because other students have already selected the best classes & times, so don't drag your feet or you may be sorry. How do you get invited? You must first:
1. Apply to UC at
2. Submit your transcripts (GED or high school and/or other college).
3. Receive your ‘acceptance letter’ and RETURN the ‘Confirmation Form’ ASAP.
4. Take the Placement Test (513.732.5219) = do this before attending orientation. Do this before attending orientation. Do this before attending orientation (did you get that?).
5. Receive your invitation to Orientation and return the form or call 513.732.5319 to RSVP.
6. Attend Orientation, meet your academic advisor, sign up for classes.
7. Go to to see your bill – will be posted in August.

Financial Aid has been covered before in this blog, but you should do the FAFSA before mid-August or your funds will not arrive before the term begins and you will get hit with a $200 late fee.

Questions? Let me know. Otherwise, follow the list above and I’ll see you at Orientation!



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