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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Winter Quarter & Winter Weather

As the Winter Quarter hits mid-term week, we have also been hit by the first real winter weather of the year. UC Clermont closed on Tuesday, February 9 at noon and didn’t reopen until 11 a.m. on Wednesday, February 10. More snow is forecast for early next week, so many students are trying to figure out the best way to check if UC Clermont will be on a delay or close when the next storm hits.
Keep in mind:
1. If the University of Cincinnati is closed or on a delay, then so is Clermont College.
2. Clermont College can be closed or on a delay when UC is not.
When checking local TV and radio, look for ‘Clermont College’.
We will not be listed as ‘UC Clermont’ so there is no confusion for the student’s at UC’s ‘uptown’ campus. Also look for ‘University of Cincinnati’.
Alert Tools from local media:
At these websites you can look at the current listing of closings and delays, or sign up to receive email or text messaging notifications.
Text notification from UC: When weather is a concern, you should always log in to your Blackboard account to see if any of your professors have posted a class message that could save you an unnecessary trip to campus.
Web notification: A weather alert box will appear on Once at the website, if you see a box related to the weather, click on it to read all details.
Check by Phone: UC Clermont Weather Emergency number is: 513.732.5289
Please don’t call Student Services or the Information Desk for closing status or to contact your professor(s). You were given a syllabus in each and every class you are attending, so use that contact information to phone or email your instructor(s). We will not pass on a note that you won’t be attending class if you are 1. afraid to travel, 2. need to stay home since your kids are off school, 3. can’t attend for whatever reason. You need to contact your professor(s) directly when the college is ‘open’ but you won’t be in class … good weather or bad. I don’t mean to sound harsh, but you can’t imagine the number of calls that we receive about the weather when the forecast even mentions a ‘chance’ of snow, much less when the snow is falling and 3” are already on the ground. We also understand frustration when the campus remains open during poor weather. But the UC personnel that you’ll reach at the Information Desk don’t know any more concerning closing or delays than what you’ll find using one or more of the tools mentioned above. The UC employees are looking for the same information before driving in on a snowy morning or wondering if campus will close in the middle of the day. Again, if you feel it is a risk to travel, you should let your professor(s) know that you won’t be in class that day and then you can discuss what options will be available to 1. get class notes, 2. turn in assignments, or 3. make-up the time missed.
Be careful out there and stay warm!


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