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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Winter Dance @ UCC

by Cory Becknell - UC Clermont student

Friday Feb. 6th 2009 - Clermont College had a dinner and dance at Receptions in Eastgate. As a student it was very fun. I would say that we had a good turn out about 60 or so students. We started the night off by walking in to a wonderful set up. Students were given planners and rope candy as a giveaway. The Director of Student Life, Kimberly Ellison, also raffled off UC Clermont apparel and the big thing was the giveaway of a Wii system. Each student got a raffle ticket as we entered the event. Dinner was amazing with salad, veggies, pasta, chicken, and beef. After dinner we could partake in swing dance lessons, which was also very fun to watch. In my opinion the best part of the dance was to see the UC Clermont professors bust their moves and the best ones were the Fankhausers! The evening ended with student Chris Heald winning the Wii. As a student it was great to dress up and see friends and faculty outside of school in a fun environment.
pictured above are UCC students: Graham, Cory, Misty & Chris


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