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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Senior Moments


New Richmond

I enjoyed visiting a few area high schools over the past week including Bethel-Tate, Fayetteville, New Richmond and Amelia as well as the Health Tech Expo at XU attended by over 900 students! My vocal cords are trashed! But I did enjoy getting to speak to so many seniors preparing to go to college. The shocking part was that ALMOST every senior I spoke to had not yet turned in a single college application! Really?! How do you think you’ll get in to the school of your choice if you don’t apply? What are you waiting for, seniors? If you wait much longer, you will miss many of the admission deadlines at the 4,140 colleges/universities available in the US. No problem, you think, as ‘it will all work out okay’. Don’t try to justify your lack of action; it will only hurt you in the long run. Take some action steps now and you can enjoy the rest of your senior year without worry.

Applications Steps:

1. Apply = fill out the application(s) for the school(s) you are considering. If you haven’t identified them yet, first decide what is on the top of your list concerning a major or career. Next, which schools in your area offer that major? Apply to a few – not just 1. Applications typically cost between $25 - $75, depending on the school, so be prepared to pay online with a credit card or see if a paper form is available. Here is a link to our application:

2. Ask your Guidance Counselor or the Guidance Office staff to send your transcripts to the schools where you have (or soon will) apply.

3. Receive a response letter from each school where you applied. In the case of UC Clermont, I guarantee that you’ll receive an acceptance letter … but it isn’t a ‘sure thing’ at every school. Then you’ll know which schools are really options for you to attend. Each school that ‘accepts you’ will also ask you to return a special form called a ‘confirmation’ or ‘matriculation’. This completes the needed paperwork, but doesn’t commit you to any school.

4. Attend Orientation. After you graduate and have decided which school that accepted you is where you want to go, you will want to attend their orientation. This is where you’ll sign up for classes and learn about all of the technology and student services offered to help you be successful at school. This is your true commitment, as you’ll have a bill after this event. BTW – most schools will require you to take a ‘placement test’ before attending orientation. It typically covers English and math. Your test scores won’t hurt your ‘acceptance’ at the school, this just determines which classes, not too easy or hard, you’ll start in.

Alright seniors … now you know what to do. Time to get in gear. Do it today!

Questions? Let me know.


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