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Friday, May 08, 2009

Real Money, Real World @ UC Clermont

Participants at UC Clermont (top). Lab Manager Daryl Klein discusses cool science stuff like how many spoonfulls of sugar are in a Mt. Dew as well as how many gallons of sap it takes to make 1 gallon of maple syrup (bottom)

Real Money, Real World, a program supported by Clermont 20/20, Inc. and the OSU Extension, was held on May 5, 2009. For the third year in a row, students who are enrolled in Clermont 20/20’s High School Mentoring Program which is offered under the Clermont Educational Opportunities college access program traveled to UC Clermont College to take part in this simulation. The purpose was to promote postsecondary education by getting the students onto a college campus and provide an interactive financial simulation of a life scenario. Several students commented that this was a real eye opener and they definitely learned the value of a dollar. It also solidified their ideas of graduating from high school and pursuing higher education after graduation.

The participants also got to take a campus tour, taste real maple syrup made on campus, enjoy lunch in the student lounge, and interact during the ‘why college?’ presentation in our media room. The day was a smashing success for all involved!

Do you want to check out campus and see if college is right for you? Stop by any Friday @ 10 a.m. to Student Services 100.

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