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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Early Childhood Education options at UC Clermont

I've had a lot of folks ask about Early Childhood Education (ECE) lately, so here is a list of the basic info you need to know about this major:

UC Clermont offers a Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education. Once completed, you can:
1. Complete your Bachelor’s Degree at UC’s main campus at the UC College of Education
a. There is also a totally online option – link
shown below.
2. Complete your Bachelor’s Degree at UC East in Batavia in a cohort offered through UC’s College of Education
a. UC East is on SR 32 in Batavia – the former Ford plant that were have converted into a
college extension building.
3. Complete your Bachelor’s Degree at NKU in Alexandria, KY (in-state reciprocity/lower tuition for Ohio residents is not available in ECE)
Financial Aid is the same at UC as any other college or university. You must complete the FAFSA at and include UC’s code of 003125 to receive aid at UC. The results of your FAFSA will determine whether you get grants, loans or both. If you have already completed the FAFSA for this school year, go back to, click on ‘add school code’ under the #3 section, log in, then add + submit the UC code.

- If you’d like help filling out a FAFSA, bring your 2009 tax forms (1040 and W2s) to Student Services 100 on most Fridays @ 11 a.m. and we’ll help you fill it out in about 30 minutes (call 513.732.5319 to verify we'll be offering a workshop the week you plan to come in).

Each credit hour at UC Clermont costs $136, so a typical 3 credit class would be $408 + the book. You must be a ½ time (6 credit hour minimum) to receive financial aid. Once at 12 credit hours you are full time. Any full-time course load from 12 to 18 credit hours is locked in at $1,621 / quarter. So, a year at UC Clermont while attending full-time would be $4,863 for Ohio residents. Once you continued at UC’s College of Education or NKU, the tuition and fees would be at different (higher) rates.

ECE at UC Clermont:

ECE at UC: (at the main campus or cohort in Clermont County)

We offer a weekly Open House each Friday @ 10 a.m. in Student Services 100 if you’d like to see the campus and learn more details. Our Winter Term begins January 3, so that would be the soonest you could start.

Questions? Let me know!