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Friday, December 21, 2012

We Survived Semester Conversion!


As I write this, assuming that today’s end of the Mayan calendar does not mark the end the world, I am glad to report that UC and UC Clermont College have survived Semester Conversion!  We just completed the fall 2012 semester, our first semester term after years of the ‘quarter system’, and everything seems to have worked!  This wasn’t by accident, as an army of administrators, academic masterminds, faculty, staff and even legislators worked collaboratively to plan and implement semesters at UC (and a number of other Ohio schools).  Now that the dust has settled, and more importantly, fall grades have been posted, it appears that every ‘t’ was crossed and every ‘I’ was dotted.  To which we all proclaim in one loud and collective voice; ‘Hallelujah’!

The 15-week term did feel ‘long’ compared to the 10-week long quarter system.  Faculty members maintained enthusiasm, but many showed signs of fatigue after about week 12.  Continuing students also were aware and feeling the effects of the longer course sequence, while freshman were oblivious to just about everything (insert your own joke here).  All in all, it was a great term at UC Clermont inside the classroom, plus lots of warm weather, sunshine, and another winning volleyball season for the Lady Cougars! 

Long-time UC Clermont faculty superstars, Bill Gay (Engineering) and Jan Stein-Carter (Biology), retired at the end of the term, as well as Enrollment & Student Services Assistant Dean Ann Appleton and Academic Affairs Beth Newman.  All four are outstanding people and will be greatly missed by everyone on campus.

One change that continuing students with Financial Aid may not be aware of is that their award $$$ is paid out in halves this year, not in thirds like past years.  This is another adjustment resulting from semester conversion. If you have questions concerning your aid award, please stop by Student Services 100, call 513 732 5319, or visit ‘check my aid’ under the heading of ‘financial aid’ on the UC student portal:  Once logged in under ‘check my aid’, click on the ‘term breakdown’ button to see how your $$$ will be paid out.

Happy holidays and a great end to 2012 … Now, let’s get ready for an outstanding 2013 spring semester!

Best regards,