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Monday, December 20, 2010

Final Things to Check On B4 School Starts

For those about to begin attending college, there are a few things you need to check on to make sure everything is actually ready before classes begin on January 3, 2011.
At this point, I assume you have already:
- applied
- forwarded transcripts
- received your 'acceptance letter' and returned the 'confirmation form'
- completed your FAFSA at and added UC's code # 003125
- taken our Placement Test
- attended Orientation and registered for classes
- contacted the VA if eligible for benefits
Follow-Up basics are available via
- click on 'my financial aid' and then 'check my aid'. Once you log in, you'll see which types of financial aid are being offered to you.
> Grants = BEST: this is free $$$, so take it!
> Sub Loans = BETTER: loans with no interest until you are out of school for 6 months.
> Unsub Loans = GOOD: loans with interest, so these will cost you more $$$ to payback than 'Sub Loans'
>Parent Plus Loans = FAIR: not desireable unless you have no other choice. Payback begins 60 days after school starts.
** If you haven't already done so, then select and submit what you want. If you just accept grants, you are done. If you accepted a Sub or Unsub Loan, then you still need to 'get loan counseling' and 'sign your loan note'. You will get no loan $$$ if you don't complete these 2 steps.
- Click on 'my bill' to:
> View and pay your bill. If you've accepted financial aid (grants and/or loans), then check this to make sure you see CR (credits) on your bill. If it is a credit balance, then UC owes you $$$ back. If not, you owe UC $$$ that needs to be paid before the term begins to avoid late fees.
> Set up 'direct deposit' to your bank account to get refunded $$$ back quickly.
> Set up 'payment plan' if you owe UC funds but can't pay it all before the term begins.
>> Verify your bill is paid before the term begins!
> Waive or Buy UC Health Insurance: if you are already covered by health insurance, you should click here before the 3rd Friday in the term to remove this charge. If you are not covered, you will automatically purchase covere from UC, so clcik here to learn more about the coverage and services.
- Click on 'UC Tools' in the top right corner of the web page to access other items:
> Student Email: you are responsible for this account and the official UC messages sent to you, and UC doesn't use snail mail, so you need to look at this account ever day or two.
> Blackboard: start looking at this about 1 week before school begins and return ever day or two to stay on top of your class assignments and special messages from your professors.
Classes start on Monday, January 3 ... see you then!
Got questions? Let me know.